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Dec 8, 2017

What did you learn about friendships from your favorite books as young adults? Let’s find out in the Best Forevers Book Club series! In these episodes, Alysa Lucas will make her student, Claire Stevenson, read a book from her childhood about friendships (and vice versa). In the first episode of the series, they read and analyze, Secrets, the amazingly 80’s awesome book from the Sweet Valley High book series created by Francine Pascal. This book, from Alysa’s childhood, is a little too hot to handle with all the wild nights, gossip, manipulation, revenge, and secrets, but perhaps there are some hidden nuggets of helpful friendship knowledge to discover. So, dust off your books and get ready for a journey back in time to your childhood (nostalgia) when the Wakefield twins ruled the school! Or, get ready to discover the world of Sweet Valley High, where the term sweet only describes the chocolate chip cookies!