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May 4, 2018

Who is the person that has impacted you the most? Often, we may report that it was a teacher or a mentor that helped guide us, shape us, and or changed our lives. Therefore, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Alysa gives a Best Forevers shout-out to teachers, coaches, mentors, and advisers by talking about the teachers who impacted her, sharing listener letters about their favorite teachers, and interviewing the Director of Academic Advising at University of Southern Florida, Cayla Lanier, and professor friends K. Sue Young and Howard Travis from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. Specifically, Cayla and Alysa talk about how we can be that “person” to students by developing relationships with them while Sue and Howard share their friendship origin story with Alysa and talk about being student-centered as well as how students can build relationships with their professors. So, put aside what you know about teachers, and start to consider the genuine and authentic relationships among teachers and students! 

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