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Feb 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day! In this episode, Alysa talks about the importance of telling your friends you love or care about them as well as sharing examples of how some people already do this.

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Feb 7, 2020

With Valentine’s Day upon us, many people turn their focus to romance and so, in this episode, Alysa explores when friendships may dip into sexual components through friends with benefits relationships. She defines the relationship as well as covering the motivations and problems with this unique relationship....

Jan 31, 2020

When we spend the majority of our lives in the workplace, we absolutely need good friends to make it a fun and sane place to be. In this episode, Alysa explores these friendships with a focus on why we need these friends and what happens when we’re solo in the office.

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Jan 24, 2020

In this episode of the Best Forevers Book Club series, Alysa reads one of Claire’s books by Melissa J. Morgan, Camp Confidential #3: Grace’s Twist, from 2005. We discuss camp friends, the quantity vs. quality of friendships, bullying, and defending yourself.

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Jan 17, 2020

Friends, are you ready for a blast from the past? In this week’s episode, Alysa talks about slam books, especially made popular in the 1980s, and how they could’ve helped, but, instead, destroyed friendships. She explores why people participate in slam books, the consequences of slam books, and how slam books...