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Dec 29, 2017

Making friends when we were kids seemed so easy, but making friends as adults is <bleeping> hard! In this episode, Alysa is joined by her friend, Margeaux, to discuss why making friends can be such a chore and to suggest ways to make connections with others. Besides making new friends, Alysa talks to Nate Woo, a Ph.D. student from University of Arizona, about using social media sites to maintain our already existing friendships. Alysa also shares a listener’s Friendship Origin Story that gives hope that friends can be made anytime, anywhere, and in, pretty much, any way! Start the new year with ways to enhance your most important friendships and to develop new friendships with concrete strategies and take the challenge to make friendship resolutions for 2018. Join Best Forevers in making and keeping friendship resolutions! You may share resolutions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or by emailing Alysa at and the resolutions (as well as your progress) will be shared on a future episode of the podcast! Let 2018 be a year we all focus on our friendships a little bit more!

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